Connection, trust, influence, motivate, presentation

You know it the moment they walk in. They're the presenter who speaks with confidence, sincerity, and who delivers with ease. Their passion is authentic and the whole room can feel it. It’s magnetic.

The power to influence

It’s all in the delivery: a great speaker learns how to use their strengths to fire up the audience. We’ll give you the tools to build on your strengths and turn on your power to influence, so that you’ll inspire confidence, and motivate listeners to act.

Body language

Communicating through the way you walk, stand, and gesture is a measure of the confidence you project. We'll provide a comfortable learning environment to help you make the small adjustments that bring big results.


Great actors can use their body language and facial expressions to communicate what they think and feel without uttering a word. So what’s behind your words? What are you really thinking and feeling?

We’ll teach you how to shape the message you want your listeners to hear. By learning how to speak to their needs and interests—creating “we” rather than “me”—you'll have the tools to keep them interested and engaged.

The whole package

As social animals we focus first on body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. Words come after that. When your face and body say one thing but your voice says another, you’re sending a mixed message. The best presenters can use all three elements effectively. When you learn to apply these elements collectively—the hallmarks of a strong, dynamic presence—your message is clear, authentic and credible.

Managing anxiety

Nervousness, awkwardness, or discomfort can come across as insincerity. If you want your audience to believe you, then you’ve got to earn their trust.

By identifying the obstacles and challenges that weaken your message, Speech Revolution will help you to develop the skills to manage them. The result? You'll be a more confident speaker and a more engaging presenter.