As CEO of Speech Revolution, Kara’s work focuses on helping clients develop and incorporate the key ingredients of delivery for clear, compelling and impactful messages. Giving speakers the power to influence.

Kara Marina Lund
CEO, Speech Revolution

A voice and speech coach, Kara's client base is made up of executives at all levels from Fortune 100 companies, health-care, financial services, pharmaceuticals, education, ministry, and technology, among others.

Kara has been a voice instructor, educator, and film and stage performer for over 20 years. As an educator she has designed and taught college level performance-based courses in music and communications. As a performer Kara has experience working in a wide variety of music from opera and cabaret to the avant-garde in over ten different languages. She has also been seen in theatre, film, and on television.

Kara received her Master’s degree in Voice Performance from Arizona State University. She is proud to be an affiliate partner with Bates Communications in Wellesley, Massachusetts as well as Octen Consulting in Paris, France, and is a board member of the Bay Colonies Chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATD).

Kara Marina Lund, CEO of Speech Revolution

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